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I had never seen so many lights in my entire life; this was truly amazing! My monkey friend Sirge had asked me to come and hang out with him on Chinese New Years. I had never seen Chinatown so alive before, with so many lights and so many colors. Various lanterns were spread out across the vistas, and many performers were on the street doing their best to entertain the gathering crowds. It was truly a sight to behold! Sirge and I made our way to the middle of the fairgrounds. As we made our way down there, I noticed many people stopping to shake Sirge's hand or take pictures.

I scratched at my head out of confusion, as I had no clue to how Sirge had become so popular. "Hey, why are you so popular around here, monkey?" The monkey chuckled as he looked at me. "It's because I greatly resemble the Monkey King from a famous Chinese novel named "Journey to the West". Everyone thinks that I'm wearing a really convincing costume or that I'm his heavenly avatar reborn. It gets me free food, so I'm not complaining!" The silly monkey chuckled to himself as he signed autographs from nearby fair-goers.

Sirge and I continued to party it up in the square, until we started to get really hungry. "Hey, I know a really good place around here; it's got some great grub! What say we hit it up?" I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled. "Sure! Why not?" I followed Sirge to a very fancy-looking Chinese restaurant that was colored red and gold. A large neon sign on the front read, "Ever-Changing Fortunes". The building itself looked brand new, as if it had just opened yesterday, yet there wasn't a lot of people congregating around the building.

As soon as we entered the building, my nostrils were assaulted by the strong smell of incense. The building had several candles laid out, and the atmosphere was thick with holiday spirit. We went to the front desk as a man greeted us. "Whoa! What an amazing Sun Wuxong costume, it almost looks real! Say, are you some sort of entertainer?" The monkey grinned and nodded. "Yep, I'm one heck of an entertainer!" I rolled my eyes; I couldn’t believe Sirge was lying! He got that form from a genetic experiment; he's not some kind of entertainer in a costume! Not to mention the fact that he's not even Sun Wuxong, he's just another monkey.

"So, how many seat will you need today?" asked the man at the front desk. "Only two," replied the monkey. The man lead us to our table as the monkey grinned from ear to ear. We sat down in our seats as the man left to get our menus. I glared at the monkey as he continued to chuckle to himself. "Sirge, you really shouldn't lie like that!" He shrugged his shoulders and scratched at his butt. "Hey, it's just a white lie. I am a monkey, why can't I pretend to be a monkey king for one night? It's not like I'm hurting anybody! If they think it's a monkey king costume then let them think that!"

I sighed; I couldn't believe Sirge was okay with this. "Come on! You really shouldn't be flaunting your monkey status around this; aren't you afraid of pushing things too far?" The monkey shook his noggin as he picked up his menu. "You worry too much; you really need to lighten up!" Sirge began flipping through his menu as a sudden chill ran down my spine. I had a feeling something bad was about to happen, but I couldn't put a finger on what it was.

The man eventually came back and took our orders. After about ten minutes, the man brought us our order. Various Chinese delicacies were brought to our table, including sushi, egg rolls, and those really awesome skinny noodles that I always forget the name of. The stuff was delicious, well-cooked and well-prepared! The food tasted great and smelled great, it truly was sight to behold. After eating, our check was brought along with our fortune cookies.

The monkey put money on the table as he cracked open his fortune cookie. "Man, I love these things, because they're almost always right!" I cracked open mine as well and looked at the fortune. It read, "You will attain the power of an ancient dragon." That's odd, how is that a fortune? "Hey, what does yours say, Phil?" I shrugged my shoulders in response. "Something about ‘attaining the power of a dragon.’ How about yours?"

The monkey scratched as his head. "Mine says that I will become much wiser. I have no clue what that means!" I poked the monkey on his nose as he growled at me. "It means exactly what you think it means; something or someone's gonna come along and teach you proper wisdom!" The monkey glared at me. "Hey, man, I think you're growing a moustache right in front of me!" exclaimed the monkey, as pointed at my face. In fact, my upper lip started to tingle, as I felt two aberrations start to poke out of my flesh. They looked almost like whiskers, but they seemed to be covered in something red and hard.

I poked my odd-looking whiskers and found that they were covered in red scales! "Dude, it looks like you have a dragon moustache!" shouted the monkey, as he laughed at my situation. I thought about it for a minute, and remembered what the fortune cookie said about me attaining the power of a dragon. Before I could think on it, though, I felt something odd begin to circulate through my stomach. My guts felt like they were on fire - it was like I was about to explode! Smoke began to seep through my nostrils. I felt like I was about to vomit! I sealed my lips shut as something felt like it was working its way through my insides. I couldn't hold it back anymore, so I opened my mouth, as a stream of what appeared to be fire escaped from it!

Sirge ducked as my fire bellowed towards him. I immediately clamped my mouth shut as the monkey popped his head back up with slightly-singed fur.  "What the heck, man?!" I blinked in surprise; did I just breathe fire? I then noticed the red scales on my dragon whiskers beginning to spread across my face. Little by little, rough dragon scales took over my face. My face started to stretch out as my skull reformed its shape. My jaw bones cracked and shifted as my lips grew wider. My whole face started to form into a muzzle as my tongue started to grow larger. My nose melted away, leaving two draconian nostrils on top of my muzzle. I couldn't believe that I was becoming a dragon; this was something I'd have to write about in my TF journal!

The red scales continued to envelop my body as they moved past my shoulders and coated my torso. My stomach and neck were soon layered with yellow dragon scales. My shirt and pants ripped, as the thick growing scales tore through the fabric. I felt my head start to ache, as two large dark-red colored lumps emerged from my scalp. I took my scaly fingers and felt them, and soon found them to be horns! The horns grew larger and larger as they curled in. My horns felt like tree branches, splitting off in different directions as they continued to grow. My hair started to grow as well, becoming bushier and mangier in the process. My hair started to spread over the back of my neck and moved further down my body. It spread out over my back, giving me a mane of brown fur in the process. This fur decorated my back and soon, similar tufts of fur sprouted out from my legs and wrists.

My body started to slim as my torso became elongated. My body became much skinnier as I grew in height. My horns were nearly touching the ceiling by the time I had finished growing! My hands started to twitch, as I found them changing shape as well. My palms began to sweat as they transformed into dragon paws. My fingers grew larger and bulkier, as my fingernails changed shape and became dark red claws. As my hands became bulky dragon paws, I found that one finger on each of my hands had disappeared, leaving me with four digits on each paw. My feet followed suit as they soon became a pair of matching dragon paws, complete with claws. I then felt a pulling sensation from tailbone, as something started to form on my rear. Scales coalesced with bone and tissue as a large dragon tail started to form. The back of the new tail was covered in tufts of brown fur as the scaly appendage emerged from the remains of my tattered pants. My large scaly tail wiggled out from behind me, getting caught in my chair in the process.

My dragon whiskers grew even longer as the thick scaly whiskers dangled from my face. The transformation appeared to be complete as I found myself gazing down at my new scaly body and tattered clothes. The monkey sitting across from me stared in wonder. "Oh, cool! You're like one of those Chinese dragons! Say, can you fly?" Sirge seemed unfazed by my transformation, but then again, most transformations usually don't faze him at all unless they're happening to him. "Uh...sure, I'll see if I can." I was going to give it a shot, despite the fact that I was a dragon that lacked wings.

I wasn't entirely sure how to fly, though; I assumed it had something to do with chi or believing in myself. I focused and found myself floating above the table. "Woah! I've flown as an eagle before, but never like this!" I shouted as I floated above the table. It felt like my body was being levitated through the use of some kind of magic.

"Oh, I'm so jealous! I wish I could get turned into a dragon!" That's when I remembered something, Sirge also had a fortune. I was extremely curious as to what the monkey would become. I floated towards him and found that his body was started to become less energetic. His movements were slowing down and it appeared as though his tail was shrinking. "What the heck?! I can barely move!" His body shrunk slightly as tail continued to shrivel away. His tail disappeared as his body turned into what appeared to be some sort of clay. "Phil, you have magic powers now, so do something!" I shrugged my shoulders. "I have no idea what to do; I've only had magic powers for the past two minutes!"

I stared at the monkey as he became what appeared to be a statue. With the lack of a tail, I could no longer classify him as a simian, but an ape! "You have to do so---" His hands moved on their own and clamped themselves over his mouth. Muffled shouts escaped his lips as his body continued to transform into a clay statue. His muffled screams soon silenced as his lips became inanimate. "You alright in there, monkey?" As I looked at the statue, I realized what the monkey had become! He had become one of the three wise monkey statues; the form he was in right now embodied "Speak No Evil.” As I stared at the new chimp statue, the restaurant manager from before came back. "Oh dear, I probably should've told you about the Ever-Changing Fortunes' magic fortune cookies. You see, during the year they are just normal fortune cookies, but when consumed on Chinese New Years, they have the ability to change the shape of the beings that consume. Luckily, the magic will fade after Chinese New Years."

Magical fortune cookies? When did my life become Jackie Chan Adventures? "These are pretty amazing, sir! Well, probably not as amazing for my now-petrified friend." The man chuckled, "Well, statues are an important part of any culture. I'm sure your friend will have been glad to be one if only for a day." I shrugged my scaly shoulders. I doubted Sirge enjoyed his transformation as much as I enjoyed my scaly new dragon form. Just then, I heard cheering from outside. "Oh, looks like the parade is about to start! You two better get on out there, I'm sure the crowds will dig your appearance!" said the man, as he walked over to the other side the restaurant.

I wrapped my big thick dragon tail around Sirge and picked up the clay statue, being extra careful not to drop and accidentally break my boisterous friend. Using my magical dragon powers, I floated out of the building. My scaly body floated above the ground as I left the Chinese restaurant. Various people caught sight of me and started taking pictures. I let a fire build up in my belly and let loose a jet of fire and brimstone high into the air, as people below clapped and cheered.

Afterwards, I flew over to a nearby balcony with the chimp statue in tow. I placed Sirge gently on the balcony as I continued to float above it. It was my plan to watch the festivities from high above on this balcony. The various Chinese-themed floats made their way down the boulevard. It was a truly amazing display of lights and colors. I watched from above with Sirge as the parade continued late in the night. I truly enjoyed myself that night and found that it was something I'd never forget. Sirge may be feeling a little grumpy tomorrow after spending the night as a statue, but I'm sure I'll be fired up all day!
Chinese New Forms
Based on this commission from :iconcatmonkshiro:, Sirge and I stop at a Chinese restaurant during the Chinese New Year and get transformed into appropriate forms by our fortune cookies!

An early Christmas gift to me from :iconsirgethestar:
Shiver Me Timbers! - 2/3 by Pheagle-Adler
Shiver Me Timbers! - 2/3
The answer soon becomes apparent, as my whole body starts growing feathers, tearing through my pirate outfit. I stare for a while, in shock and amazement.

Sequence drawn by :iconjakkalwolf:

Page 1
Page 3
Shiver Me Timbers! - 1/3 by Pheagle-Adler
Shiver Me Timbers! - 1/3
Feeling adventurous, I decide to go sailing, dressed as a pirate. I'm looking pretty cool, as I pose on the ship. However, I can't help but feel that there's something missing...

Sequence drawn by :iconjakkalwolf:

Page 2
Page 3


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